September 22nd, 2022 – Smart Global Governance and Avisa Partners have entered a strategic partnership to offer their clients a one-stop shop for risk management and third-party management and assessment.

The integrated risk management platform Smart Global Governance and the business intelligence firm Avisa Partners are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to provide their clients with a cross-functional offering in the area of third-party management and assessment.

Together, Smart Global Governance and Avisa Partners support companies in their compliance efforts by offering an efficient and intuitive platform for scoring, monitoring and screening third parties, as well as a step-by-step integrity due diligence service.

Thanks to the perfect complementarity between Avisa Partners, with its long-standing experience in due diligence and compliance, and Smart Global Governance, which has received several awards for its platform’s performance, clients will be able to benefit from a one-stop shop to better control third-party risks while speeding up and improving decision making.

It is also an alliance between two French companies, with recognized expertise in their fields, who wish to offer their clients a competitive, tailor-made and high-quality service. Antoine Violet-Surcouf, Managing Director and Partner of Avisa Partners, emphasizes that “this partnership with Smart Global Governance is a perfect response to the current challenges of digitalization in the compliance market, as well as to the needs of companies to better control the risks related to their third parties in an increasingly unstable geopolitical context and an increasingly prevalent regulatory framework. For Olivier Guillo, CEO and Founding Partner of Smart Global Governance, “Avisa Partners’ offer is a great addition to the use cases of Smart IRM users by allowing them to delegate their third-party diligences when automation reaches its limits“.

About Avisa Partners

Avisa Partners is a consulting firm specialized in economic intelligence, investigation, international affairs, public relations and cybersecurity. For more than 20 years, Avisa Partners’ teams have been assisting public and private organizations in assessing their risks and ensuring compliance with national and international laws on anti-corruption, sanctions and embargoes, and anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT). The firm has also structured an approach to monitor ESG/CSR requirements.

About Smart Global Governance

Smart Global Governance’s integrated risk management platform is designed to help organizations better manage their risks in a coordinated, cross-functional and real-time manner. This enables them to achieve significant productivity gains, and to address the key expectations of supervisory authorities resulting from the various applicable regulations and standards: traceability, accountability.

The platform covers risks such as: cyber; personal data; third-party risks; compliance and ethics, social and governance; internal audit; environment, health and safety; quality; legal risks.