Training Management

Key Features of the Training Management Functionality

Our Training Management functionality is designed to streamline the management of personnel training for our clients. It provides a comprehensive view of offered training programs, learners, and their progress, while enabling the association of training with Controls and tracking individual learning evolution. 

With our Training Management solution, creating training programs, assigning learners, tracking their progress, and obtaining detailed reports on their advancement is effortless. Trainings can be linked to various Controls such as procedures, policies, or operational instructions. 

Additionally, our functionality includes the use of Smart Global Governance e-learning courses to raise employee awareness of compliance and risks, strengthen the culture and motivation in these areas, and integrate your own courses or learning management system (LMS). Furthermore, you can adjust the implementation control status related to training based on the progress and learning rate of each learner. 


Benefits of Training Management

Training Management offers numerous benefits, including :  

Centralization of trainings on a single platform  
Easy tracking of learners’ progress  
Reduced risk of non-compliance  
Ensuring consistent and comprehensive training  
Decreased training costs through improved resource management. 


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