Smart Anonymiser

Transform, pseudonymize, and mask your sensitive data with a robust anonymization solution for optimal privacy protection and full compliance with regulations. 

Key Features of Smart Anonymizer 

  • Anonymization: Our solution transforms data in an irreversible manner to prevent identification. With advanced algorithms, Smart Anonymizer ensures that sensitive data is handled securely without compromising its utility.  
  • Pseudonymization: Replace personal identifiers with unique, non-identifiable pseudonyms to protect data privacy. This approach maintains the data structure while ensuring its anonymity, thereby facilitating its use for analysis and research.  
  • Masking: Hide sensitive data with our intelligent masking technology, which preserves data value while preventing malicious exploitation. Data is masked based on its classification and the specific needs of each organization.  
  • Oversight: Monitor and control anonymization processes with detailed dashboards and customizable compliance reports. Ensure that anonymized data complies with current regulations and meets required quality standards. 

The Benefits of Smart Anonymizer 

Privacy protection

Anonymized and pseudonymized data can no longer be attributed to specific individuals, thereby ensuring the respect of individual privacy. 


Smart Anonymizer assists you in complying with data protection regulations, such as GDPR, by applying adequate protective measures and providing comprehensive compliance reports.

Data reliability

Data is processed in a way that preserves its quality and usefulness, thus enabling your organization to leverage data for analysis and decision-making without compromising confidentiality. 

The Smart Anonymizer data anonymization solution, available exclusively on-premise, is designed to ensure privacy protection, regulatory compliance, and data reliability. With Smart Anonymizer, you can safely transform, pseudonymize, and mask your sensitive data and enjoy comprehensive oversight to ensure quality and compliance. Take control of your data and protect your organization with Smart Anonymizer. 

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