Risk Register

Are you seeking to control risks and ensure compliance within your organization ? 

Discover how the Risk Register in our Risk & Compliance Module helps you achieve this goal by facilitating risk identification, evaluation, and tracking. This turnkey tool is integrated into the 8 Modules of Smart Global Governance, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs. 

The Risk Register 

An Essential Tool for Your Governance Strategy

The Risk Register is a vital component of our Risk & Compliance Module. It empowers you to identify and evaluate the risks your organization faces, allowing for the most appropriate Controls and monitoring strategies to be defined. Thanks to this tool, you can manage risks proactively and effectively, all while ensuring compliance with current regulations. 

A Solution Tailored to Various Areas of Your Organization

The Risk Register is available in all 8 Modules of Smart Global Governance, ensuring optimized risk management across all facets of your organization  :

Key Elements of the Risk Register

The Risk Register contains essential information for effective risk management, including : 


  • Risk Identification : Cataloging all potential risks your organization is exposed to.
  • Risk Evaluation : Estimating the likelihood and impact of each risk.
  • Risk Prioritization : Ranking risks based on their significance to better allocate resources.
  • Risk Controls : Actions and procedures implemented to mitigate risks.
  • Risk Monitoring : Regular monitoring and reevaluation of risks to adapt to evolving contexts.

A Real-World Example for

The ESG Module

In the ESG Module, the Risk Register can assist in identifying and managing risks related to environment, social, and governance. 

The Smart Global Governance Risk Register is the tool you need for optimal risk management and assured compliance. With its integration into all 8 Modules, you can tailor this tool to every area of your organization, ensuring robust and consistent governance. 

Don’t let risks impact your organization’s success. Adopt the Smart Global Governance Risk Register and benefit from an effective, flexible, and customized solution to protect and future-proof your operations. 

Example :
An organization facing an environmental risk, such as water pollution, could use the register to evaluate the likelihood and impact of this risk, define Controls (like the implementation of wastewater treatment systems), and ensure regular monitoring of the situation. 

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