Smart Data Discovery

Redefine how you manage and leverage your data with Smart Data Discovery, a powerful tool for data mapping and cataloguing for effective operational governance. 

Key features of Smart Data Discovery 

  • Data Cataloguing: Identify and describe the data within your information system for optimal organization and understanding.  
  • Data Discovery: Search and explore your data with advanced analysis tools, to better understand and utilize your informational assets.  
  • Continuous Controls: Utilize pre-configured control plans (Privacy & Data, etc.) or create your own to identify compliance gaps and ensure data security. For example, for GDPR compliance, ensure your data meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation to protect your customers’ privacy and avoid penalties. 

The 4 Steps to Mastering Data with Smart Data Discovery 

Step 1: The Scan 

Identify the data within your information system using various probes, including structured and unstructured sources, databases, APIs, and cloud services.

Step 2: The Mapping 

Visually represent all identified data for better visualization and understanding. Identify the relationships between data, sources, and users to optimize utilization.

Step 3: Risk Analysis 

A crucial step to ensure data security and compliance within your organization. This analysis depends on the content of control plans, which is closely linked to the relevant compliance domain. To effectively protect your sensitive information, it’s essential to assess the risks associated with data management and implement appropriate preventive or improvement measures. 

Such measures may include data classification, which allows information to be categorized based on sensitivity levels and determining suitable protection measures. Anomaly detection is also a key component, as it identifies irregularities or discrepancies in data, which could indicate a security or compliance issue. By combining these approaches, you can bolster the protection of your sensitive information and ensure better compliance with the regulations in your industry. 

Step 4: Governance 

Implement operational data governance for optimal utilization, by defining access, sharing, and deletion rules to ensure responsible and effective use of your data.

The Benefits of the Next-Generation Smart Data Discovery 


No more time wasted on manual data collection and analysis. Smart Data Discovery automates these processes, allowing you to focus on decision-making and action.  

Efficiency boost

Centralize all your data and actions for optimized case management. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks. 

Confidence gain

Trust our solution to provide you with in-depth and reliable analysis to help you make informed decisions. 

Smart Data Discovery is available as SaaS or On-Premise 

Choose the solution that best fits your organization, with flexible options to integrate with your existing infrastructure and meet your specific needs. 

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