Risk Mapping

Master your risks with our customizable Risk Mapping solution. 

What is Risk Mapping ? 

It’s an essential process for any organization looking to identify, assess, and manage the risks it faces. Risk mapping involves identifying potential risks, evaluating them, and prioritizing them to enable the organization to take appropriate measures to manage them.

Why do you need it ?

Risk mapping will help you reduce costs associated with risks, improve decision-making, and ensure the safety and stability of your organization.

How does our Risk Mapping solution work ?

Smart Global Governance offers two types of risk mapping: synchronous and asynchronous.  

  • Synchronous Risk Mapping : Real-time risk assessment to identify and prevent immediate risks.  
  • Asynchronous Risk Mapping : Detection of future risks and implementation of preventive measures to avoid their materialization.

What sets us apart ?

Our risk mapping feature is easily configurable to meet the specific needs of each client. The parameters are fully customizable, allowing you to go beyond standards and configure risk mapping according to your own criteria.


  • Customization : Adapt risk mapping to your specific needs by modifying the parameters. Comprehensive.
  • View : Obtain an overview of risks to facilitate decision-making and risk management. Real-time.  
  • Monitoring : Monitor risks in real-time to react quickly and effectively.  
  • Proactive Planning : Anticipate future risks and implement preventive measures to avoid their materialization.  
  • Reporting : Generate detailed reports to analyze and communicate the results of risk mapping to stakeholders.

Our customizable Risk Mapping feature will empower you to master the risks your organization faces by optimizing risk management and strengthening the safety and stability of your organization. 

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