Smart Global Governance’s Enterprise Risk Management Module is an innovative solution that provides organizations with a clear and up-to-date view of risks to help them make informed real-time decisions. It includes several advanced features, including risk aggregation, aggregated risk mapping, business continuity, and real-time data synchronization and analysis. Here are some details and examples to illustrate these features. 

Risk Aggregation

Imagine your organization operates in multiple countries with different regulations and standards. Risk aggregation allows you to gather all identified risks to obtain a clear and accurate overview of your organization’s overall risk exposure.

Aggregated Risk Mapping

With this feature, you can visualize risks by process or entity within your organization.

Example :
If you’re a manufacturing organization, you can identify risks related to the supply chain, production, or distribution and represent them graphically to facilitate understanding and decision-making. 

Business Continuity

In times of crisis, such as a pandemic or natural disaster, ensuring the resilience of your organization is crucial. The Enterprise Risk Management Module allows you to define and manage business continuity plans to maintain operations during disruptions.

Real-Time Data Synchronization and Analysis

Strategic decisions cannot wait. With over 200 connectors available in the Data Hub and a simplified connector creator interface, you can analyze risks in real time and make quick and effective decisions.

Example :
If a new regulation is implemented, you can quickly identify the affected processes and adjust your actions accordingly. 

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