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Smart Global Governance’s Health & Safety Module focuses on enhancing health and safety within your organization, leveraging 9 key features. It facilitates your journey towards ISO 45001 certification and alignment with your internal health and safety frameworks.

Features of the Health & Safety Module

Compliance Assessments

The Health & Safety Module empowers you to monitor adherence to health and safety standards, such as ISO 45001. Seamlessly conduct compliance audits, implement action plans, and track your progress.

Document Management

Keep all health and safety-related documents, such as evacuation procedures, inspection reports, and certifications, in a centralized location for easy access and compliance.

Meeting Management

Efficiently organize health and safety meetings by setting the agenda, participants, and documents to share. Track discussions, decisions, and actions to be taken to enhance health and safety.

Risk Registry

Identify and track health and safety risks within your organization, such as workplace accidents or issues with hazardous substance exposure, and deploy action plans to mitigate them.

Training Management

Ensure your staff is trained in applicable health and safety standards and internal procedures with easily accessible training and progress tracking tools.

Risk Assessment and Analysis

Evaluate and dissect health and safety risks and pinpoint the steps needed to minimize them. Use data analysis tools to make informed decisions on improving your employees’ health and safety.

Risk Mapping

Visualize health and safety risks within your organization with detailed, customizable risk maps. Pinpoint areas requiring special attention to boost health and safety.

Incident Management

React swiftly to health and safety incidents, such as workplace accidents or hazardous substance exposure issues, and track the measures taken to resolve these issues.

Control Catalog and Collaborative Action Plans

Store health and safety Controls, such as emergency evacuation procedures, and collaborate to implement action plans aimed at reducing health and safety risks.

Interoperability in the Health & Safety Module 

The Health & Safety Module, which is an integral part of the Integrated Risk Management Module, leverages interoperability to enhance health and safety management, grounded on four key pillars:

Synchronized Compliance

Interoperability enables the correlation and connection of requirements from diverse regulations and standards, streamlining the management and tracking process. This approach prevents duplication of effort, saving both time and resources in addressing similar requirements.

If your organization adheres to both ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards, interoperability allows you to co-manage common health and safety at work and envirionmental management requirements.

Rapid Conflict Resolution

Interoperability quickly detects and resolves conflicts or inconsistencies between different requirements, thereby improving the quality of requirements and strengthening compliance to standards and regulations.

If a health and safety requirement from ISO 45001 conflicts with an environmental requirement from ISO 14001, interoperability enables quick identification and resolution of these inconsistencies.

Document Efficiency

Interoperability makes it easier to apply the documentation of one requirement to other similar standards or regulations. This reduces documentation, maintenance, and updating costs of requirements while enhancing compliance.

If your organization has already documented procedures to meet a specific requirement of ISO 45001, this documentation can be repurposed for other standards with similar health and safety at work requirements.

Quality and Performance Enhancement

The integration of the Health & Safety Module with the interoperability of the Integrated Risk Management Module brings significant benefits in terms of efficiency, collaboration, and data sharing. This improves the quality and performance of risk and compliance management in health and safety.

The interoperability of the Health & Safety Module provides a structured approach to optimize health and safety management and strengthen compliance with standards and regulations. It does this while enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and data sharing.

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