To objectively check, analyze and assess the effectiveness of an organization’s internal control & audit system, governance processes and risk management capacity. Auditors provide assurances, ideas and recommendations on improvements to be made to the Board of Directors, Senior Management and business process owners.

Further increase team efficiency by connecting your existing software and unstructured data to the solution, and by adopting other cross-functional integrated risk management modules to help coordinate actions across departments in charge of other risks and avoid redundancies.

Increase the efficiency of Audit and Control teams by up to 30% and get a real-time view of your missions.


  • Obligations and a constantly increasing workload with teams and budgets growing relatively slower than obligations.
  • Manual and repetitive tasks are still very present.
  • Operational staff with little autonomy.
  • Frequent use of spreadsheets and specialized software operating in silos, unsuitable for consolidation constraints and information updates.


  • Teams are overworked.
  • Redundant actions.
  • Too much time spent on low value-added tasks, risks of errors and omissions in essential obligations.


The Audit and Control Module helps your Organization by :

  • Empowering operational staff to respond and provide evidence via the solution and freeing up time for Internal Audit teams for analysis, recommendations and follow-up.
  • Coordinating teams and information systems and making the most of existing and untapped information.
  • Automating time-consuming manual processes.

To achieve this, in addition to the powerful features common to the entire Smart Global Governance solution

Governance. Training and awareness plan.
Framework Manager. Dashboards and reports.
Planning. Automated gap analysis.
Dynamic risk mapping. Documentation, Central Source of Evidence.
Reliable audit trail. Monitoring, messaging, alerts, notifications.
Continuous monitoring. Collaborative remediation (tasks, exceptions, insurance, …)  
Policy management. Translations.
Integration of existing information and data into the solution.

Collaborative evaluation.

    • Forms
    • Questionnaires
    • Automated collection of structured internal data
    • Automated collection of unstructured internal data (optional)

The Audit and Control module can be configured according to your specific needs

Definition of the control plan

Create or modify the control plan with a simple drag & drop from existing, modified, created or imported frames of reference. Each framework includes:


Control(s) to collect evidence(s).

Question(s) to collect information.

One or more remediation actions for automation.

Create or modify automatic gap analysis rules.

Create or modify automatic deviation remediation plan recommendations.

Collection of information

Planning a one-time or recurring mission.

Sending evaluations.

Collaborative collection: send your questionnaires and forms to the relevant teams who can answer online, or during interviews with the control or internal audit team.

Possibility to automate the collection of information via the solution’s connectors and/or the optional Smart Forensic & Data Discovery productivity application.

Automatic consolidation of information according to your governance structure.

Automatic gap analysis and room for improvement.

Analysis of responses by the auditor who benefits from configurable automated rules to save time.

Recommendations for the effectiveness of the organization

Recommendations by the auditor who benefits from configurable automated rules to save time.

Allocation of tasks according to recommendations.

Collaborative tasks management related to recommendations

Task allocation by entity, functional department, process, individual, …

Real-time progress update in the implementation of recommendations.

Development and monitoring of dashboards and reports

Global and detailed vision updated in real time.

Customizable dashboards and reports.

To be able to go faster with our modules and add-on applications

  • Automatically connect unstructured and structured data to Smart Global Governance modules for continuous monitoring with Smart Forensic and Data Discovery (Try our 3 months trial for free) to, for example, automatically execute a self-defined control plan across your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Make your teams aware of the challenges of audit and control to increase their effectiveness with the Smart Global e-learning Academy.