Europrivacy Certification

Smart Global Governance facilitates compliance with the GDPR to meet all requirements and obtain Europrivacy certification.

Tech Rocketship Awards 2022

Smart Global Governance receives the French Tech Rocketship Awards 2022 from the UK Government for its cybersecurity risk management module covering 47 global security standards


Emerging Compliance Challenges and Digital Solutions

Discover a panel discussion with Smart Global Governance’s Scientific Committee

Smart Global Governance ★ ★ ★

wins the Golden Trophy in the category: Best Legaltech
GDPR compliance at the 7th edition


Your intuitive and modular integrated risk management platform

  • Foster teamwork
  • Orchestrate existing software and data
  • Easily leverage existing data and information
  • Progressively activate from 1 to 10 modules to meet your additional needs
  • Get a global view, in real time
  • Gain up to 30x more efficiency

98% of customers are satisfied, compared to an average of 83% in the market

(source: Gartner)

Foster teamwork

  • Automate processes and improve their security
  • Empower operational staff
  • Focus internal skills on higher value-added topics

Orchestrate existing software and data

  • Automate the collection of structured data
  • Automate the collection of unstructured data
  • Orchestrate more than 200 applications (Microsoft 365, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.) with our Plug & Play connectors
  • Create your own connectors without programming

Progressively activate from 1 to 10 modules to meet your additional needs

  • Cybersecurity
  • ESG risk
  • Third party risk
  • Quality risk
  • Audit and Control
  • Health and safety
  • Ethics
  • Data and Privacy
  • Legal risk
  • Emerging risks

Get an overview, in real time

  • Take immediate advantage of our dashboards and report templates
  • Set up your own performance indicators
  • Have a dynamic mapping of your risks
  • Benefit from a single source of truth

Gain up to 30x more efficiency

  • 55,000 pre-identified processes for 700 industries
  • Over 170 out-of-the-box standards and regulations
  • Over 16.000 ready-to-use controls
  • Legal and normative intelligence on more than 140 jurisdictions
  • Low-code technology customization
  • On-premises or available as SaaS in 80 countries

Benefit from training and support as part of a solution maturity plan for your organization
How to start in 5 steps ?

Step 1: Determine your priority use cases  by talking to our experts.

Step 2: quickly deploy the first module(s) that will meet your immediate needs and demonstrate the benefits of the solution

Step 3: benefit from training and coaching as part of a maturity plan defined together.

Step 4: communicate your results and benefits internally.

Step 5: consider the progressive implementation of new modules to reinforce the efficiency of the solution.

Responding to evolving governance, audit, risk & compliance challenges in the digital area

Philippe Montigny
Olivier Guillo
Founder and CEO

To offer up to date digital solutions to emerging audit, risk & compliance  challenges and to better respond to Legal, Compliance Ethic and Risk Officer day to day concerns :

  • we have entitled a Scientific Committee to provide us with regular and forward looking advices regarding evolving legal issues at global level.
  • we have opened an Expert’s Corner to enlarge the conversation to those who wants to contribute to a more efficient and simple practice.