Smart GRC: mitigate risks 5X more effectively, in full compliance

  • Modular GRC Platform, all-in-one, ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified.
  • Aim for 150% ROI in 18 months.
  • 300K users in 100 countries, 40 languages available.

Tailored solutions to fit your needs

At Smart Global Governance, we understand that every organization has specific risk management and compliance needs. That’s why we offer three levels of customizable solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Smart GRC’s 3 levels of services

Risk & Compliance Specialized Modules

Our 8 specialized modules allow you to manage risks and compliance according to your needs. Choose and use the modules independently, with over 170 integrated standards and regulations.

Discover our 8 Modules

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Module

Consolidate your risk management and compliance efforts with our integrated module. It includes your selection of Risk & Compliance specialized modules, as well as internal audit and internal control functions.

Discover the IRM Module

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Module

Optimize your risk management with our advanced solution, providing real-time insights into risks for informed decision-making. Benefit from additional features such as risk aggregation, aggregated risk mapping, business continuity, and real-time data synchronization and analysis.

Discover the ERM Module

Implementation Process

processus de mise en place du logiciel smart global governance

Why choose Smart Global Governance ?

  • Over 170 integrated standards and regulations for optimal compliance.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface to facilitate learning and onboarding.
  • Dedicated support and assistance to guide you throughout the process.

Customer Testimonials

The solution is easy to access and ergonomic, speeding up the learning curve for users. A limited training investment is enough to get started. Customer support is reactive and easy to contact. A real advantage for sustained use !

Stephan DUFOIS

Group DPO

Ergonomic interface and simple modularity. Great flexibility to adapt the product to our specific needs. Fast, competent and friendly human technical support.



The Smart Global solution allowed us to raise awareness among employees and users. The use of the tool allowed them to better understand their roles and obligations in the protection of personal data.

Séverine BOSQUET

Senior Legal Counsel IP


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