To support the Legal Department, the Compliance Department, the General Counsel, the Board of Directors and the General Management through better documentation, better expense management, availability of information and online collaboration.

Further increase team efficiency by connecting your existing software and unstructured data to the solution, and by adopting other cross-functional integrated risk management modules to help coordinate actions across departments in charge of other risks and avoid redundancies.
Increase team efficiency by up to 30% and get a real-time view of your legal risks.


  • A fragmented view of risks.
  • Obligations, risks, opportunities and an ever-increasing workload with teams and budgets growing relatively slower than obligations.
  • Manual and repetitive tasks are still very present.
  • Operational staff with little autonomy.
  • Frequent use of spreadsheets and specialized software operating in silos, unsuitable for consolidation constraints and information updates.


  • Risks are sometimes poorly identified and prioritized.
  • Teams are overworked.
  • Redundant actions.
  • Too much time spent on low value-added tasks, risks of errors and omissions in essential obligations.


Knowing and keeping up with changes in local and international regulations can help you make and maintain your legal program safer and more efficient.

The Legal Risk Module helps your Organization cope with the growth in volume, variety and velocity of legal obligations by :

  • Coordinating local, national, international and extraterritorial legal obligations with each other.
  • Empowering operational staff to allow legal teams to manage only exceptions and have more time for analysis, recommendations and follow-up.
  • Coordinating teams and information systems and making the most of existing and untapped information.
  • Automating time-consuming manual processes.

To achieve this, in addition to the powerful features common to the entire Smart Global Governance solution

Governance. Training and awareness plan.
Framework Manager. Dashboards and reports.
Planning. Automated gap analysis.
Dynamic risk mapping. Documentation, Central Source of Evidence.
Reliable audit trail. Monitoring, messaging, alerts, notifications.
Continuous monitoring. Collaborative remediation (tasks, exceptions, insurance, …)
Policy management. Translations.
Integration of existing information and data into the solution. Collaborative evaluation.

    • Forms
    • Questionnaires
    • Automated collection of structured internal data
    • Automated collection of unstructured internal data (optional)

You benefit from 2 sub-modules specific to this risk

Legal monitoring

Legal monitoring allows you to better understand and follow the evolution of mandatory local and international regulations, most of them having an extraterritorial scope.


193 jurisdictions that concern your Organization which you can choose from


Afghanistan Estonia Luxembourg Seychelles
Africa Vatican City State Macao Sierra Leone
South Africa UNITED STATES North Macedonia Singapore
Albania Ethiopia Madagascar Slovakia
Algeria Eurasia Malaysia Slovenia
Germany Central and Eastern Europe Malawi Somalia
Central and South America Fiji Maldives Sudan
Andorra Finland Mali Sri Lanka
Angola France Malta South Sudan
Anguilla Gabon Morocco Sweden
Antigua Gambia Mauritius Switzerland
Saudi Arabia Georgia Mauritania Surinam
Argentina Ghana Mexico Swaziland
Armenia Gibraltar Moldova Syria
Aruba Greece Monaco Tajikistan
Asia Pacific Grenada Mongolia Taiwan
Alderney Greenland Montenegro Tanzania
Australia Guatemala Montserrat Chad
Austria Guernsey Middle East Thailand
Azerbaijan Guinea Mozambique East Timor
Bahamas Equatorial Guinea Myanmar Togo
Bahrain Guinea-Bissau Namibia Trinidad and Tobago
Bangladesh Guyana Nauru Tunisia
Barbados Haiti Nepal Turkmenistan
Belgium Honduras Nicaragua Turkey
Belize Hong Kong Niger Ukraine
Benin Hungary Nigeria Eurasian Economic Union
Bermuda Cayman Islands Norway European Union
Bhutan Cook Islands New Zealand Uruguay
Belarus Falkland Islands OECD Vanuatu
Bolivia Faroe Islands Oman Venezuela
Bonaire, Sistatius and Saba Marshall Islands Uganda Viet Nam
Bosnia and Herzegovina Solomon Islands Uzbekistan Yemen
Botswana Turks and Caicos Islands Pakistan Zambia
Brazil U.S. Virgin Islands Palestine Zimbabwe
Brunei British Virgin Islands Panama  
Bulgaria India Papua New Guinea  
Burkina Faso Indonesia Paraguay  
Burundi Iraq Netherlands  
Cambodia Iran Peru  
Cameroon Ireland Philippines  
Canada Iceland Poland  
Cape Verde Israel French Polynesia  
Chile Italy Puerto Rico  
China Jamaica Portugal  
Cyprus Japan Qatar  
Colombia Jersey Central African Republic  
Comoros Jordan Democratic Republic of the Congo  
Congo Kazakhstan Dominican Republic  
North Korea Kenya Czech Republic  
South Korea Kyrgyzstan Romania  
Costa Rica Kosovo United Kingdom  
Ivory Coast Kuwait Russia  
Unified Patent Court Iraqi Kurdistan Rwanda  
Croatia Laos Saint Kitts  
Cuba El Salvador Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  
Curaçao Lesotho Saint Lucia  
Denmark Latvia San Marino  
Djibouti Lebanon Sint Maarten  
Dominica Liberia Samoa  
Egypt Libya Samoa  
United Arab Emirates Liechtenstein São Tomé and Príncipe  
Ecuador Isle of Man Senegal  
Spain Lithuania Serbia

Selection of 50 fields of activity which you can choose from


Agriculture Business and commerce Trademarks
Arbitration and ADR Environment and climate change Media & Entertainment
Insurance Family Professional negligence
Employee benefits and pensions Asset financing Non-profit organizations
Aviation Corporate Finance/M&A Planning
Bank Taxation Legal practice
Personal injury Frankness Derivatives
Patents Compliance Management Public projects and procurement
Trade and Customs Management of law firms Public
Competition and antitrust Management of the legal department Product Regulation and Liability
Construction Immigration Services to private clients and offshore services
Criminality Real estate Healthcare and Life Sciences
White-collar crime IT and data protection Legal techniques
Designs and trade secrets Insolvency and restructuring Telecommunications
Copyright Internet and social media Wills and estates
Human rights Disputes Securitization and structured finance
Employment and work Leisure and tourism Shipping
Energy and natural resources Capital Markets


Research, comparison and sharing of information

  • Access to detailed information regarding the jurisdictions and areas of activity that concern you.
  • Create custom spaces to organize and maintain easy-to-access folders.
  • Discussion with your teams.


Increase your documentation

Import your search results into the Smart Global Governance Solution.

Legal data retention period

The Smart Global Governance solution allows you to determine your legal data retention policy (civil, criminal, tax, social and privacy) with simplicity and efficiency in 2 steps only.


Selection within 80 jurisdictions that concern your Organization which you can choose from


South Africa United States| Delaware Latvia Vietnam
Germany United States| Florida Lithuania
Argentina United States| Georgia Luxembourg
Australia United States| Illinois Malaysia
Austria United States| Kansas Malta
Bahamas United States| Nevada Mexico
Belgium United States| New Jersey Monaco
Bosnia United States| New York Nigeria
Brazil United States| Texas Norway
Bulgaria United States| Virginia New Zealand
Canada United States| Wisconsin Paraguay
Chile Finland Netherlands
China France Peru
Cyprus Ghana Philippines
Colombia Greece Poland
South Korea Guatemala Portugal
Costa Rica Haiti Czech Republic
Ivory Coast Hong Kong Romania
Croatia Hungary United Kingdom
Denmark Ise of Man Russia
United Arab Emirates Mauritius Singapore
Ecuador India Slovakia
Spain Indonesia Slovenia
Estonia Ireland Sweden
United States Israel Switzerland
United States| Arizona Italy Taiwan (ROC)
United States| California Japan Uruguay
United States| Colorado Kenya Venezuela

Use of minimum and maximum legal data retention periods


For any type of organization

Legal accounts and registers. HR files and data.
Environmental files and data. Files and personal data and data processing.
Critical infrastructure files and data. Tax files and data.
Health and safety files and data. Transport files and data.

And by business sector

Aeronautics industry. Professional services industry.
Agricultural industry. Telecommunications industry.
Food industry. Cleaning industry.
Automobile industry. Sports industry.
Construction industry. Mining and forestry.
Defense industry, military and dual-use industry. Oil and gas industry.
Alcohol, spirits and tobacco industry. Veterinary industry.
Education industry. The media and entertainment industry.
Hospitality industry. Non-governmental organizations and services of public interest.
Health services industry. Retail sector.
Real estate services industry. Financial services sector.
Computer services industry.

To be able to go faster with our modules and add-on applications

  • Automatically connect unstructured data to modules for continuous control with Smart Forensic and Data Discovery (Try our 3 months trial for free) to, for example, search your entire IT infrastructure for critical defense information.
  • Make your teams aware of legal issues to increase their efficiency with the Smart Global e-learning Academy.
  • Manage third-party risk with the dedicated module.