To assess your Organization’s posture towards its legal obligations regarding privacy regulations, track incidents that lead to unauthorized disclosure of personal data, analyze and document personal data flows (nature of the data, processing purpose, controller), distribute your privacy policies, track user awareness.

Further increase team efficiency by connecting your existing software and unstructured data to the solution, and by adopting other cross-functional integrated risk management modules to help coordinate actions across departments in charge of other risks and avoid redundancies.

Increase team efficiency by up to 30% and get a real-time view of your privacy and data risks.

Prepare and obtain the Europrivacy certification with our software solution


  • A fragmented view of risks.
  • Obligations, risks, opportunities and an ever-increasing workload with teams and budgets growing relatively slower than obligations.
  • Manual and repetitive tasks are still very present.
  • Operational staff with little autonomy.
  • Frequent use of spreadsheets and specialized software operating in silos, unsuitable for consolidation constraints and information updates.


  • Risks are sometimes poorly identified and prioritized.
  • Teams are overworked.
  • Redundant actions.
  • Too much time spent on low value-added tasks, risks of errors and omissions in essential obligations.


The Privacy and data risk Module helps your Organization cope with the growing volume, variety and velocity of personal data by :

  • Coordinating local, national, international and extraterritorial legal obligations with each other.
  • Empowering operational staff to allow compliance teams to only handle exceptions and have more time for analysis, recommendations, and follow-up.
  • Coordinating teams and information systems and making the most of existing and untapped information (structured and unstructured data).
  • Automating time-consuming manual processes.

To achieve this, in addition to the powerful features common to the entire Smart Global Governance solution

Governance. Training and awareness plan.
Framework Manager. Dashboards and reports.
Planning. Automated gap analysis.
Dynamic risk mapping. Documentation, Central Source of Evidence.
Reliable audit trail. Monitoring, messaging, alerts, notifications.
Continuous monitoring. Collaborative remediation (tasks, exceptions, insurance, …)  
Policy management. Translations.
Integration of existing information and data into the solution.

Collaborative evaluation.

    • Forms
    • Questionnaires
    • Automated collection of structured internal data
    • Automated collection of unstructured internal data (optional)

You benefit from 3 sub-modules to deal with the specificities of this risk and of your Organization

Everything you need to document your compliance program


Records of Processing Activities. Subcontracting register.
Subcontractors register. International transfers register.
Data Subject Access Request register. Data breaches register.
Customizable document templates and procedures.  

Ready-to-use and interconnected frameworks


You can start working from existing privacy frameworks and gradually add new ones. The Smart Global Governance solution identifies gaps between your current compliance program and your new obligations to provide you with the incremental requirements you need to implement.


US Federal Data Security Laws
DFARS 252.204-70xx HIPAA
FAR 52.204-21 NISPOM


US State Data Security Laws
CA SB 1386 NY DFS 23 NYCRR500
MA 201 CMR 17.00 OR 646A


Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) – Data Protection Acts
EuroPrivacy [draft] Luxembourg
ePrivacy [draft] Netherlands
GDPR Norway
Austria Poland
Belgium Portugal
Czech Republic Russia
Denmark Slovak Republic
Finland South Africa
France Spain














Asia Pacific (APAC) – Data Protection Acts
Australia New Zealand
China DNSIP New Zealand NZISM
Hong Kong Philippines
India ITR Singapore
Indonesia Singapore MAS TRM
Japan South Korea
Malaysia Taiwan


Americas – Data Protection Acts
Argentina Columbia
Bahamas Costa Rica
Canada Mexico City
Chile Peru

Privacy and data risk-specific automations


Import your existing records of processing activities. Data Privacy Impact Assessment automation.
23 main pre-filled data processing activities available. Data Subject Access Rights automation.
Pre-identification of 55,000 business processing activities for 700 industries. Automating data breaches management.
Primary replication of processing activities for groups.  

To be able to go faster with our modules and add-on applications

  • Automatically connect unstructured and structured data to the solution’s modules for continuous control thanks to Smart Forensic and Data Discovery (Try our 3 months trial for free) to, for example, automatically control the discrepancies between your processing register and the data used by your colleagues (network, workstation, email, …).
  • Make your teams aware of data protection issues to increase their effectiveness with the Smart Global e-learning Academy.
  • Manage third-party risk with the dedicated module.
  • Anonymize your data with Smart.Anonymizer.