Sophia-Antipolis France – June 06th 2022

Smart Global Governance receives the French Tech Rocketship Awards 2022 from the UK Government for its cybersecurity risk management module covering 47 global security standards

Sophia-Antipolis, June 06th 2022 – Smart Global Governance received on May 27 the Tech Rocketship Award France for its Cybersecurity risk management module.

This distinction rewards the performance of our Integrated Risk Management platform dedicated to compliance professionals, risk management control and the adaptability of the platform to changing legislation.

Many organizations still use spreadsheets and specialized software that operate in silos, unsuited to the constraints of consolidation and updating; the consequences: work overload, redundancies, manual and repetitive tasks, lack of a single source of information, lack of global and real-time visibility on risks and their mitigation.

The plug and play cybersecurity risk management module allows organizations to:

  • Natively integrate information from existing software.
  • Promote collaboration between teams and third parties
  • Identify areas of governance where capacity gaps exist
  • Progressively strengthen capacity, monitoring and implementation of the roadmap.
  • Obtain a global view of the governance posture, updated in real time


About Smart Global Governance:

Smart Global Governance’s integrated risk management platform is designed to help organizations better manage their risks in a coordinated, cross-functional and real-time manner. This enables them to achieve significant productivity gains, and to address the key expectations of regulators resulting from the various applicable regulations and standards: traceability, accountability.

The platform covers risks such as : cyberpersonal datathird-party risksethics and complianceenvironment, social and governance, internal audithealth and safetyqualitylegal risks.


PR information :

Charlotte MAC VICAR