The new module provides clients with a solution to address personal and industrial data compliance needs in all regions of the world.

Sophia-Antipolis – France, February 21st 2022.

Smart Global Governance’s integrated risk management platform is designed to help organizations better manage their risks in a coordinated, cross-functional and real-time manner. This allows them to achieve significant productivity gains and to address the main expectations of supervisory authorities resulting from the various applicable regulations and standards: traceability, accountability.

Smart Global Governance announced today that its SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution extends its coverage to 70 regulations and standards related to data and privacy, applicable worldwide :



Ireland Privacy Hong Kong Privacy Costa Rica privacy



Israel Privacy India Privacy Mexico Privacy
PIPEDA Italy Privacy Indonesia Privacy Peru Privacy
RGPD Luxembourg Privacy Japan Privacy Uruguay Privacy
LGPD Netherlands Privacy Malaysia Privacy GAPP
ISO 27701 Norway Privacy New Zealand Privacy ISO
KvKK Poland Privacy New Zealand Security 27701
HIPAA Portugal Privacy Philippines Privacy ISO 29100
GLBA Russia Privacy Singapore Privacy NIST Privacy Framework
Austria DSG 2020 South Africa Privacy South Korea Privacy Alaska PIPA
Belgium Data Privacy² Spain Privacy Taiwan Privacy MA – Standards for the Protection of PII of Residents of the Commonwealth
Czech Republic Privacy Sweden Privacy Argentina Reg 132/2018 Nevada SB820
Denmark Privacy Switzerland Privacy Bahamas Privacy DFS 23 NYCRR500
Finland Privacy UAE Privacy Argentina Privacy ORS 646A.600
Germany Privacy France Privacy LGPD South Carolina Insurance Data Security Act
Germany Cyber Security UK Privacy PIPEDA Texas Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act
Greece Privacy Australia Privacy Chile Privacy Vermont Act 171 of 2018
Hungary Privacy Australia Privacy Principles Colombia Privacy  


Many organizations are facing ever-increasing obligations and risks in respect to personal or industrial data, with relatively small growing teams and budgets. Most of these organizations are still frequently using spreadsheets and specialized software that operate in silos that are inadequate for consolidation and updating, with consequences such as overload, redundancy, manual and repetitive tasks, lack of a single source of truth, and lack of global and real-time visibility into risks and their mitigation.

The plug and play risk management module for data and privacy allows organizations to :

– Natively integrate information from existing software and information systems.

– Enable collaboration between internal teams and third parties.

– Identify governance areas with capability gaps.

– Progressively build capacity, monitoring and execution of the roadmap.

– Obtain a global view of the governance posture, updated in real time.

Smart Global Governance’s founder, Olivier Guillo, commented :

“We are excited to add 70 data and privacy regulations and standards to Smart Global Governance’s integrated risk management platform, to enable organizations to comply with applicable personal or industrial data regulations and standards around the world, and use their data more effectively.”

Smart Global Governance’s investment in data and privacy reinforces its commitment to enabling organizations to have a global, cross-functional, real-time view of their risks. Now, these organizations can benefit from the power of a telecommuting solution that enables them to implement data and privacy management programs, manage compliance tasks and projects faster, collaborate with auditors, automate evidence collection, and ensure ongoing compliance.

About Smart Global Governance :

Smart Global Governance’s integrated risk management platform is designed to help organizations better manage their risks in a coordinated, cross-functional and real-time manner. This enables them to achieve significant productivity gains, and to address the key expectations of regulators resulting from the various applicable regulations and standards : traceability, accountability.

The platform covers risks such as : cyber, personal data, third-party risks, ethics and compliance, environment, social and governance, internal audit, health and safety, quality, legal risks. Our website:

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