Nevada SB 820

Compliance Platform

What is Nevada SB 820 ?

Nevada Senate Bill (SB 820) prohibits confidentiality clauses in settlements relating to sexual harassment, sex discrimination and retaliation claims. Any provision in a settlement agreement that prevents the disclosure of factual information relating to certain claims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or harassment or discrimination based on sex, that are filed in a civil or administrative action is void as a matter of law.  

The law does not apply to clauses used in settlements in the pre-litigation phase. The law expressly does not limit the parties’ ability to require the settlement amount to be private. Existing law restricts employer releases and non-disparagement agreements as described below, but the provisions do not apply to negotiated settlement agreements to resolve an underlying claim in court, before an administrative agency or alternative dispute resolution forum, or through an employer’s internal complaint process. 

This solution will provide your organisation guidance on how to gain and maintain compliance with SB 820.