Our strive to be the best constantly brings us new achievements! The most recent one is the number one place, in a Best Compliance solutions list, compiled by Cybernews  – a website, which offers resources on everything cybersecurity.

We’ve developed our Integrated Risk Management (IRM) platform – with a goal to allow a global vision by providing a vertically and horizontally integrated view of risk.

At Smart Global Governance, upholding fundamental responsibilities to people and the planet is just as important as long-term success. Therefore, we are more than committed to promoting the four out of ten core principles of the United Nations Global Compact : human rights, international labor standards, the environment, and the fight against corruption.

To fit your specific needs, our platforms’ modules have been developed to be collaborative, ready to use, and easily adjustable. In addition, it has many beneficial features such as process automation, or the possibility to integrate already existing software through preconfigured connectors and an API creator.

Our platform has already satisfied over 200,000 professionals around the world, so if you also need a robust way to approach risk management, be sure to visit our webpage and test our product with a help of a 15-day free trial or a free demo version.