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What is the NAIC ?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Insurance Data Security Model Law (#668) seeks to establish data security standards for regulators and insurers in the US, in order to mitigate the potential damage of a data breach. This law applies to insurers, insurance agents and other entities licensed by the state department of insurance. 

The NAIC Insurance Data Security Model law requires insurers and other entities to develop, implement and maintain an information security program, investigate any cybersecurity events and notify the state insurance commissioner of such events. One NAIC Insurance Data Security Model law was developed in response to high-profile data breaches of insurers and other institutions. The federal government has urged states to adopt the model law. Currently 18 states have adopted the model law. 

This solution will provide your organisation guidance on how to gain and maintain compliance with the NAIC Insurance Data Security Model law.