Malaysia Privacy

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What is PDPA ?

The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) is the major data protection and privacy regulation in Malaysia. The PDPA aims to promote the protection of personal information processed in Malaysia and gives rights to individuals regarding their personal information. Personal Data Protection Commissioner acts as the data protection authority and has been appointed to implement the PDPA’s provisions in Malaysia. 

The PDPA protects the data privacy of individuals and as such it contains a number of provisions and requirements related to the processing of personal data of individuals. The PDPA applies to any person who processes or has control over the processing of personal data. The PDPA does not apply to personal data processed outside Malaysia, unless the data is intended to be further processed in Malaysia, and it also does not apply to a data user who is not established in Malaysia. 

This solution will provide your organisation guidance on how to gain and maintain compliance with the PDPA. In order to also receive guidance on the GDPR, we recommend that you make use of this PDPA solution in combination with the GDPR solution.