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What is Germany’s federal data protection act ?

The German “Bundesdatenschutzgesetz” (BDSG) is the federal data protection act. This law supplements and specifies the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at the points that are left to national regulations of the EU member states.  

The BDSG protects the data privacy of individuals and as such, it contains a number of provisions and requirements. Together with the data protection acts of the German federated states and other area-specific regulations, it regulates the processing and collection of personal data of individuals. In Germany the right to privacy, which is a recognized human right, is generally interpreted to include data privacy and therefore, is of fundamental value. 

This solution will provide your organisation guidance on how to comply with the German data privacy framework and stay compliant with this regulation. In order to also receive guidance on the GDPR, we recommend to make use of this solution in combination with the GDPR solution.