(California Consumer Privacy Act)

You collect personal data of California residents
You (or your parent company or a subsidiary) exceed at least one of these three thresholds:

Annual gross revenue of at least $25 million
Obtains personal information of at least 50,000 California residents, households, and /or devices per yea
At least 50% of their annual revenue is generated from selling California residents’ personal data

You wish to have a global overview of the compliance state with an increasingly wide field of application.
You wish to prevent the risk of sanctions in case of non-compliance.

What is CCPA ?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a landmark law that introduces a series of new privacy rights to California consumer. The act is a state statute and was passed by the California State Legislature in 2018. 

CCPA applies to businesses that, either have at least $25 million in annual revenue, or handle personal information of more than 50000 California residents. In addition, it applies to businesses, which derive more than 50% of annual revenues from selling California consumers’ personal information. 

Under this law, California consumer have the right to see all the information a company has saved on them and a full list of all the third parties that data is shared with. Moreover, it grants California consumer the right to demand the deletion of their personal information, as well as the right to opt-out of the sale of their personal information. 

This solution will provide you CCPA guidance to become and stay compliant with this law. 

How to establish CCPA compliance with Smart Golbal Governance?

1. Managing the governance of your organization's personal data

Unlimited number of users/profiles and premium support.

2. Follow-up on security and information obligations

Under the CCPA, you must establish processes to disclose to users the data you have collected about them – and in many cases, to delete it if they request it. To that end, we provide a tracking template that is automatically updated after validation of requirement points. You can also assign tasks, evidence and define your own template and replicate it to all the organizations you manage.

3. Collaborative management of compliance with CCPA requirements.

Save time: simply assign the various requirement points to qualified individuals within your organization. Designate assignees and approvers to allow your staff to multiply their CCPA compliance monitoring.

4. Documentation: the library

We offer you an access to a pre populated library, where you can import your own documents or  templates. Your employees will always be one click away from accessing your files and templates that are always up to date.

Smart Global Governance solutions can be activated independently of each other, complementing the different levels of compliance desired.


Multiply your compliance visions and approaches

  • Global and instantaneous vision of the compliance status of your organization
  • Single entry
  • Accountability of actions and third-parties
  • Identification of the data held and its location

Increase your capacity for action and agility

  • Ready to use or fully customizable: be operational in one to thirty days
  • Coverage of all your current and future compliance needs
  • Structured, intuitive and collaborative framework for continuous improvement
  • Step by step, adapted from the beginner to the expert
  •  Automation of manual and repetitive tasks
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Already integrated with Microsoft 365

Multiply your value creation and resilience capabilities

  • Harmonized working methods
  • Consistency of documentation
  • Preparation for official certifications

Up-to-date browser, internet access.

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