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What is Argentina’s Data Protection Law (PDPL) ?

The Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) is the major data protection and privacy regulation in Argentina. The PDPL aims to promote the protection of personal information processed in Argentina and gives rights to individuals regarding their personal information. The Argentine Agency of Access to Public Information is the data protection authority in Argentina. 

The PDPL aligns with the European legislative model for protecting data privacy. Similar to the GDPR the PDPL protects the data privacy of individuals. As such it contains a number of information privacy principles related to the processing of personal data of individuals. The PDPL applies to any person, organisation, or business, whether it’s in the public sector or private sector, that processes personal information. 

This solution will provide your organisation guidance on how to gain and maintain compliance with the PDPL. In order to also receive guidance on the GDPR, we recommend that you make use of this PDPL solution in combination with the GDPR solution.