Texas Cybersecurity

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What is the Texas Cybersecurity Act ?

The Texas Cybersecurity Act (Texas House Bill 8/HB 8) provides specific measures to protect sensitive and confidential data and maintain cyberattack readiness. The Texas Cybercrime Act (Texas House Bill 9/HB 9) updates the Texas Penal Code to recognize several new types of cybercrime and their punishments. Both acts took effect in 2017. Together they form a regulation to combat cyber crime. 

The Texas Cybersecurity Act sets mandatory practices for state agencies, institutes continuous monitoring and auditing of network systems, adds protections for student data privacy and updates the penalties for cybercrimes. Moreover, the Act provides Texas state agencies and higher education institutions with a wide array of new tools to assist with the threat of cyberattacks.  

The bill also requires the Department of Information Resources (DIR) to implement a five-year plan to address cybersecurity risks. The DIR will also provide mandatory training for state agencies. 

This solution will provide your organisation guidance on how to gain and maintain compliance with the Texas Cybersecurity Act.