Compliance Platform

You are looking to make a comprehensive assessment of cybersecurity risks, policies and processes in your organization.

You are wondering how to better manage the cyber risks associated with your third parties and you would like to be able to put your ecosystem in a cycle of security and compliance.

You need to ensure that safety requirements in remote work are met in order to increase your operational efficiency.

You would like to determine your organization’s level of resilience to the potential new risks and communicate with all of your stakeholders the best practices.

Use our software solution to deploy NIST

NIST is not a compliance assessment program. It encourages the private sector to determine its compliance needs and develop appropriate compliance assessment programs via software solutions.

1. Managing responsible governance for compliance with your structure

  • Ready to use or fully customizable: be operational in one to thirty days.
  • Friendly interfaces.
  • Coverage of all your current and future compliance needs.
  • Step-by-step, adapted from beginner to expert.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Tutorials for self-learning the solution.
  • Premium online support.
  • Instant global view of the status of data compliance in the information system and compliance with NIST requirements.
  • Performance indicators.
  • Dashboards and custom reports.
  • Harmonized working methods.

2. Identifying your compliance with the requirements for your structure

  • Clarification of complexities by reconciling common requirements, control points and compliance actions with your obligations.
  • Pre-identification of requirements applied by granularity (Organization, Subcontractor, …).
  • Proof of compliance, non-applicability required for each point of requirement.
  • Collaborative audits and controls.

3. Creating and prioritizing actions to be carried out if non-compliant

  • A structured, intuitive and collaborative framework for continuous improvement.
  • Single entry.
  • Automated action plan with pre- populated modifiable recommendations.
  • Managing collaborative compliance actions.
  • Action accountability.

4. Risk management with a reviewed and regularly updated best practices guide

  • Implementation guide provided for each requirement point.

5. Compliance Documentation to Prove Your Compliance

Mandatory documentation as part of the implementation.

  • Forming a database of evidence for audit trail.
  • Documentary Management Centre.
  • Consistency of documentation.

6. Training and Awareness

  • Team formation, with integrated training register.

Smart Global Governance products can be activated independently of each other according to the level of compliance you want to address.

Additional benefits

Smart Global Governance  is the operational software solution to automate key processes in Ethics,Compliance and Controls. It can be used for implementation and compliance management with all local and international regulations as well as internal procedures.

As a reminder: Cybersecurity figures

Computer attacks have increased in intensity since January 2020.

More than 30,000% increase in cyber attacks since January 2020, mainly fishing and malicious sites that target users remotely. (Source: Zscaler)

Between 30 minutes and 10 days, this is the average time to break into a corporate network. 93% of the most successful is the case.

In 68% of cases, only 2 steps were needed to access the network.

The World Economic Forum found that of 350 high-risk professionals surveyed worldwide, only 50% are concerned about cyberattacks and data fraud due to a lasting change in working patterns.