MPA Content Security Program

Compliance Platform

What is the MPA Content Security Program ?

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) is an organisation that manages content security assessments on behalf of its member companies. Since 2007, MPA establishes standardized survey models, process and report templates.  

The MPA Content Security Program’s is a document that provides companies an understanding of general content security expectations and current industry best practices. The aim of the MPA Content Security Program is to strengthen the process by which content is protected during production, post-production, marketing and distribution. 

Content security best practices take into consideration the services the facility provides, the type of content the facility handles, and in what release window the facility operates. Best practices outlined in this document are subject to local, state, regional, federal and country laws or regulations as well as the industry standards or ISO references.  

This solution will facilitate the implementation of the MPA Content Security Program.