Intermediate-sized companies: new compliance challenges and digital solutions

Discover the new challenges in compliance and digital solutions for Intermediate-sized companies in this White Paper.

Discover in this White Paper an in-depth analysis of the new challenges in compliance and digital solutions tailored for medium, and large enterprises. In an era of ever-evolving regulatory constraints and changing stakeholder expectations, Olivier Guillo, the Founder and CEO of Smart Global Governance, took the initiative to assemble an exceptional Scientific Committee.

This committee brings together eight globally renowned experts specialized in compliance, risk management, and governance. Their insightful contributions provide precise guidance and expertise, enabling a better understanding of the compliance-related challenges and the exploration of innovative digital solutions specifically designed to meet the specific needs of Intermediate-sized companies.

Thanks to this invaluable collaboration, this White Paper offers a clear and informed vision of the challenges and opportunities that businesses face in a constantly changing environment.

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