Name of the event : 2022 Privacy Symposium Conference

Place : Venice, Italy

Date : 5-7th of April 2022

Event description :

Smart Global Governance is pleased to take part in the Privacy Symposium international conference in Venice, on April 5-7 2022, where we will present our contribution to and vision for data protection compliance.

The Privacy Symposium aims at supporting international dialogue, cooperation and knowledge sharing on data protection, including compliance and innovative technologies. Through more than 70 sessions, it will give the floor to over 170 top-level experts and data protection authorities, including international organizations (Council of Europe, OECD, UN, etc.), European institutions (EDPB, EDPS, DG Justice, etc.) and national data protection authorities of Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, UK, Switzerland, etc.) and beyond (US, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, etc.). It will also associate experts and researchers on privacy and innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence, 5G, DLT/Blockchain, augmented reality and Metaverse, quantum computing, IPv6, IoT and edge computing, etc.

It offers an outstanding opportunity to discover upcoming regulatory changes, to learn on good practices and lessons learned for compliance, to access the latest research results and innovations for data protection, and to support international collaboration for privacy.

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