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  • By product
  • Personal data protection and respect for privacy
  • Multi-conformités
  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Automation
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GDPR frameworks

  • GDPR compliance framework
  • Optimal organization of GDPR compliance
  • Achievement and day-to-day management of GDPR compliance
  • GDPR awareness-raising
  • Performance assessment

Smart Whistleblower®

– Launch of alerts
– Global monitoring of alerts
– Alert Action Planner
– Improved capacity for action, understanding, governance


Smart Integrity Index®

  • Installation of the anonymous integrity-indexing platform
  • Preparation of the integrity-indexing questionnaire
  • Information gathering to identify shortcomings
  • Integrity-assessment report

Smart Global Academy®

  • Activation of training register
  • Planning of training
  • Performance assessment
  • Compliance documentation

Smart Partner Network®

  • Creating value innovation
  • Increase your sales
  • Benefit from training
  • Benefit from advantages
  • Be Smart Global Governance® accredited

Smart Certification Partnership

  • Digitization of the certification frame of reference
  • Digitization of the certification audit process
  • Configuration of the applicant’s documentation interface
  • Remote collaboration with the certifying third party
  • Dashboard creation and monitoring

Smart Compliance Index®

  • Setting out the strategic guidelines for compliance
  • Creation of dashboards

Smart Compliance Booster®

  • Optimal compliance organization
  • Selection of your compliance obligations
  • Establishment and day-to-day management of compliance
  • Dissemination of a compliance and risk culture
  • Performance assessment for each compliance framework

Smart elasticReg®

  • Selection of compliance frameworks
  • Adaptation of the compliance frameworks to your operating context
  • Use with Smart Compliance Booster®

Smart Retention Duration®

  • Definition of your data retention policy
  • Online help with a selection of over 80 jurisdictions relevant to your Organization
  • Use of legal retention periods for minimum and maximum civil data, criminal, fiscal, social and data privacy

Smart Data Discovery®

  • Automated mapping of the information system
  • Automated mapping of metadata and data

Smart Data Catalog®

  • Creation of your data catalogue
  • Automatic provisioning of your data catalogue

Smart Certification Readiness

  • Selection of the certification reference framework
  • Launch of the certification process
  • Internal diagnostic of certification
  • Collaborative management of tasks linked to certification recommendations
  • Drawing up and monitoring of dashboards
  • Remote collaboration with the certifying third party

Smart Vendor Risk Management®

  • Creation of a directory of Third Parties
  • Sending of multi-conformity questionnaires
  • Third Party Evaluation
  • Automatic relaunch of Third Parties to get answers to questionnaires
  • Automatic analysis of responses and feeding of a queue of non-v responses
  • Automatically verifiable
  • Collaborative project management to mitigate risk
  • Follow-up of relations with third parties regarding compliance

Smart Request Automation®

  • Configuration of your decision-making process and associated response messages
  • Connection to your information system
  • Decision making on how to respond to a person’s request to exercise his/her rights
  • Fully automated processing with the possibility to intervene manually where necessary
  • Documentation is held in the record of people’s requests to exercise their rights

Smart Process Automation®

  • Automation thanks to the connections that exist between Smart Global Governance® and over 1 500 third-party software            packages
  • Automation of made-to-measure reports
  • Automation of information-gathering from public and/or private databases

Smart Internal Audit®

  • Definition of the audit plan
  • Collection of internal and external information
  • Automatic analysis of malfunctions and margins for improvement
  • Elaboration of recommendations for the efficiency of the Organization
  • Collaborative management of tasks related to recommendations
  • Elaboration and follow-up of dashboards


Smart Internal Audit®

Risk management
  • Definition of the audit plan
  • Collection of internal and external information
  • Automatic analysis of malfunctions and margins for improvement
  • Elaboration of recommendations for the efficiency of the Organization
  • Collaborative management of tasks related to recommendations
  • Elaboration and follow-up of dashboards

Why are internal audits important ?

Regulatory requirements, laws and standards have multiplied without pause in recent years: personal-data protection, cybersecurity, ISO, financial transparency, social and environmental responsibility, business-continuity plans, governance and more. This results in greater potential risks for organizations, against which healthy governance and solid compliance management are an effective bastion.

The purpose of an internal audit is to examine all aspects of how an organization operates.

By making your internal audits easier you can detect faults and risks that may harm the organization.


How to make internal audits easier with Smart Internal Audit® ?

Smart Internal Audit® makes internal audits more simple and effective, enabling you to ascertain:

  • The company’s compliance with laws and regulations
  • Respect for the targets set by the organization’s management
  • The satisfactory conduct of in-house processes
  • The reliability of financial reporting that flows up to the top of the company

Set out your internal audit plan

Create or amend your audit plan via a simple drag and drop procedure.
Tailor the rules for automatically assessing discrepancies.
Tailor automatic recommendations generated by your discrepancy-correction plan.

Gather information

Collaborative information gathering: send your questionnaires to the relevant teams who can answer on-line or via interviews with the internal auditors.
You can gather information continuously by establishing automatic monitoring and prevention plans on a risk-by-risk basis, hand-in-hand with Smart Data Monitoring®.

Automatic analysis of dysfunctions and margins for improvement

Monitor the relevance and applicability of compliance procedures.
Analyse discrepancies automatically.
The application automatically watches over how compliance frameworks are implemented.
Assessment of the risk-control mechanism put in place to ensure that the procedures in your information system for controlling non-compliance are suitable and efficient.

Draw up recommendations for your organization’s efficiency

Automatic modifiable recommendations for the discrepancy-correction plan.
Allocation of tasks in line with the recommendations.

Collaborative management of tasks associated with the recommendations

Allocation of tasks by entity, operational department, process, or individual.
Real-time updating of your progress in implementing the recommendations.

Create and monitor dashboards

Instant and detailed overview.
Customizable reports and dashboards.


Smart Internal Audit®

Leverage your understanding and governance capacities

Leverage your agility and ability to act

Leverage your capacity to create values and resilience

  • Up-to-date browser, internet access.
  • Can operate as your main system, as a supplementary system, or to replace an existing solution.