Gift Laws

Gift Laws Compliance Platform

You wish to implement an anti-bribery measure in your relations with other organizations or your suppliers.

You want to review your positioning in terms of benefits offered to your stakeholders.

You want to guarantee your independence in your choice of products and services that you have to prescribe and/or deliver.

Why use a software solution to set up a "gifts and transparency" system ?

The strengthening of gift frameworks  is accompanied by new control campaigns in the various industries. Organizations will have to evaluate their current practices and update their internal procedures, contract models in place, and team training programs.

How to set up a "gifts and transparency" program with Smart Global Governance in practice ?

  • Customisable form to enter a request for interaction, project or study.
  • Evaluation of the request by the Compliance Network or the Compliance Team according to pre-established modifiable scenarios.
  • Validation process according to the regulations applicable in the country concerned.

Smart Global Governance products can be activated independently of each other according to the level of compliance you want to address.

Additional benefits

Smart Global Governance  is the operational software solution to automate key processes in Ethics, Compliance and Controls. It can be used for implementation and compliance management with all local and international regulations as well as internal controls and procedures.