• Automation thanks to the connections that exist between Smart Global Governance and over 1 500 third-party software
  • Automation of made-to-measure reports
  • Automation of information-gathering from public and/or private databases

Smart Process Automation  is a software workshop without programming that allows you to automate manual and repetitive tasks by simple drag and drop (slide-and-drop) and efficiently.

Automation improves the quality and efficiency of tasks performed, freeing you up to spend time on higher-value tasks.


  • Automation with connections between Smart Global Governance and more than 200+ third-party software.
  • Automation of manual, redundant, repetitive and time-consuming tasks, many in the compliance lifecycle.
  • Unsealed customization by simply drag and drop (slide-and-drop) tools to control daily tasks.
  • The 200+ connectors built into Smart Global Governance allow you to interact with your entire IT environment.

Automation of custom reports

  • Creation of customized reports without programming, by simply dragging and dropping data from the platform and also from your existing IT tools.


Multiply your comprehension and governance skills

  • Audit trace.

Multiply your ability to act and agility

  • Ready to use or fully customizable: be operational in one to thirty days.
  • Coverage of all your current and future compliance needs.
  • Structured, intuitive and collaborative framework for continuous improvement.
  • Step-by-step assistants, adapted from beginner to expert.
  • Automation of manual and repetitive tasks.
  • User-friendly interfaces.
  • Already integrated with Microsoft 365.
  • Already connected to 200+ apps.
  • Connecting with Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP…

Multiply your ability to create values and resilience

  • Harmonized working methods.
  • Consistency of documentation.

Up-to-date browser, internet access.
Smart Compliance Booster.
Microsoft 365.

Connections to over 200+ of the most popular applications on the market.