• The deployment of Smart Global Governance Solution would be completed in less than 12 weeks
  • Premium support for the life of the subscription

Smart Global Onboarding allows you to quickly deploy and then train your teams on Smart Global Governance products and solutions. These tools can be customized according to your organization’s objectives and the compliance maturity of your employees.

1. The deployment of Smart Global Governance Solution would be completed in less than 12 weeks

Weeks 1 to 3: Understanding organisational needs
Your consultants, your Teams and our Customer Success Team identify and optimize together the process of adapting Smart Global Governance Products and Solutions to the specific needs of your organization:

– Governance
– Compliance
– Data

Weeks 3 to 11: Platform setting
Our Customer Success Team adapts the platform to your specific needs and operational structure, then customizes the interface with your IT infrastructure and imports your existing documentation.

Week 6: Deployment and skills development
The Customer Success Team transfers the skills to your Teams, your Consultants and provides the support that will be available to you at all times.

The transfer of skills is implemented in your offices or by video conference. These sessions can be recorded for a later use. Training materials are systematically given to trainees.

2. Premium support for the life of the subscription

  • Tickets
  • Phone
  • Webinars

Example of a skills transfer program
(to customize for your needs)

1. Governance

  • Add organizations.
  • Add profiles.
  • Add users.
  • Add third parties.
  • Import of pre-existing compliance work.
  • Choosing the frameworks to apply to the organization.
  • Adapting the requirement frameworks to the specifics of the organization.
  • Integrations with Smart Global Governance.

2. Start of the project

  • Training register.
  • Smart Global Academy.
  • Standard dashboards and performance indicators.
  • Personalization of dashboards and performance indicators.
  • Setting up decision-making processes.
  • Tutorials.
  • Support online.
  • Ticket management system.

3. Automatic risk assessment

  • Risk mapping.
  • Add your risks.
  • Risk registration.
  • Standard collaborative diagnostics.
  • Personalized collaborative diagnostics.
  • Third-party risk management.
  • Complementary use of Smart Data Discovery.
  • Copy/paste diagnoses.
  • Primary replication operations.
  • Export of diagnostic report.

4. Automatic analysis of compliance gaps

  • Changing the content of the gap analysis.
  • Export of the gap analysis report.

5. Compliance Gap Correction Action Plan

  • Automatic recommendation change: content and priority.
  • Allocation to task teams for correcting compliance gaps.
  • Collaborative task management.

6. Compliance documentation

  • Automatic documentation update.
  • Review documents automatically generated based on the compliance requirement frameworks used.
  • Preparing for Certification.


Leverage your understanding and governance capabilities

  • Duplite your organization in Smart Global Governance.

Multiply your ability to act and agility

  • Transfer of skills.

Multiply your ability to create values and resilience

  • Harmonized working methods.
  • Commitment of your teams to the project.