• Simplified definition of the audit plan
  • Easier collection of internal and external information
  • Automatic analysis of dysfunctions and improvement margins
  • Elaboration of configurable recommandations
  • Collaborative management of tasks related to recommendations for greater efficiency
  • Real-time dashboard elaboration and follow-up

Smart Internal Audit and Control facilitates quality, audit and internal control missions with simplicity and efficiency for all the activities of your organization, the respect of the objectives determined by the management, the smooth running of the processes and the reliability of the reporting back to the top of the organization

1. Defining the control plan

  • Creating or modifying the control plan by simple drag and drop(slide-and-drop)
  • Adapting automatic rules for analysing discrepancies
  • Adapting automatic recommendations of the gap correction plan

2. Gathering information

  • Collaborative collection: send your questionnaires and checklists to the relevant teams who can respond online, or during interviews with the internal audit
  • Continuous information collection is available in communication with Smart Forensic (internal and external data)
  • Automatic consolidation of information

3. Automatic analysis of spreads and margins for improvement

  • Monitoring the relevance and application of procedures
  • Automatic analysis of discrepancies

4. Developing recommendations for the effectiveness of the organization

  • Automatic and customisable recommendations
  • Allocation of recommendation-related tasks

5. Collaborative management of recommendation-related tasks

  • Task allocation by entity, functional department, process, individual
  • Real-time update of the progress of the implementation of the recommendations

6. Developing and tracking dashboards

  • Comprehensive and detailed view updated in real time
  • Customizable dashboards and reports


Multiply your comprehension and governance skills

  • Global and instant vision of your control plans
  • Mutualization of requirements and control points
  • Accountability

Multiply your ability to act and agility

  • Ready to use or fully customizable
  • Coverage of all your current and future compliance needs
  • Structured, intuitive and collaborative framework for continuous improvement
  • Step-by-step assistants, adapted from beginners to experts
  • Automation of manual and repetitive tasks
  • User- friendly interfaces
  • Already integrated with Microsoft 365

Multiply your ability to create values and resilience

  • Harmonized working methods
  • Constance of documentation

Up-to-date browser, internet access


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